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Evaluation Of Cancer Treatment

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For better assessment of cancer treatments being administered to patients, patient-reported outcomes should be a part of the evaluation.

Based on a released article from the Journal of Clinical Oncology, patient-reported symptoms and quality of life in regards to health should be assessed to generate new findings on better cancer treatment.

Research on effectiveness of administered medical procedures helps in healthcare decisions by providing information with regards to how effective or harmful a medical treatment is. This would help medical professionals to research drugs, devices, and medical tests that are suited for each patient.

Assessing a patient’s outcome on medical treatments shows how medical treatments are given in an actual setting. As for cancer patients, it’s not only fighting the disease that is critical. It’s how they take in medical treatment and how it affects their quality of life. Patient outcomes matter in such a way that medical professionals can be able to design better cancer treatment suited for each patient to aid in faster recovery. To assess a treatment’s impact, they must also look at the point of view of the patient and experience.

The information can help medical professionals assess on what steps should be taken or decisions to be done on a certain medical treatment.

The research group from the Cancer Outcomes Research Program at UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center recommended having an evaluation based on other types of metastatic cancers, use of standard, measurement of patient outcomes and others to aid in the

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