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Diabetes and Blood Pressure Control

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Controlling high blood pressure is especially important for those suffering from diabetes to prevent heart attack, stroke and blood vessel damage. Having blood pressure checked frequently is a must. Keep a list of your readings for all your doctors appointments. Two medications is not unusual to keep hypertension in check.

If you have diabetes, that isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. High blood pressure, high blood glucose, abnormal lipids, cholesterol and triglycerides can all speed the complications of diabetes. According to Mayo Clinic, they damage large blood vessels, causing heart attacks, strokes, and small blood vessels, causing eye and kidney disease. Treating type 2 diabetes is treating not only high blood sugar but all cardiovascular risk factors, cholesterol, hypertension and obesity.

Unfortunately not all people living with diabetes receive close attention to these other risks. All risks need to be treated aggressively. If anyone who has diabetes has repeated high blood pressure readings, such as 130/85, it’s time to start medication. Cholesterol, glucose and weight is extremely important. But controlling blood pressure can provide the greatest value in reducing blood vessel complications, says endocrinologist David Kendall M.D., of the International Diabetes Center at Park Nicollett.

A recent study of people with diabetes served by primary care physicians at veterans Affairs facilities found that only half of patients with high blood pressure received treatment changes during office visits. There are things you can do. From what pills you take to the food you eat to lower blood pressure and insure that you get the proper treatment.

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