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Simple ways to avoid backpain

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Backpains are of several types, all of them may not be cured by the solutions I am about to suggest but I think it would work for a large percentage of people. I can tell you they work because it has done wonders for me.

I had backpain at different points in my life due to various reasons. Once while taking my laundry downstairs, I fell down the stairs hitting my back on the steps. It was a shock for me and I have God alone to thank for not being seriously hurt. Though I didn't have any immediate problems, after a few weeks I began to experience backpain when I got up in the mornings. After I got out of bed, it took a few minutes for me to straighten up because of the pain.

After I had my C-Section, I was told not to pick up very heavy stuff but one day I couldn't stop myself from dragging a very heavy bed to the floor so that I could put a bed skirt over the box spring. I knew it was a mistake the moment I started dragging it, but I just had to put on that bed skirt. That made my back hurt a lot the next few days.

You know how technology, is so addictive and most of us spend a lot of time in front of the computer. We are either browsing the internet for fun or we work on the computer. I used to spend a lot of time in front of the computer, initially because I worked in a software company for a while and it had crazy hours and later on when I became a fulltime mother, I got hooked to facebook and I spent a lot of time fake farming and checking out my friends lives.

There could be several other reasons for getting backpain and there are a lot of other solutions to backache like taking up yoga or exercising regularly. What I have to tell you is something a lot simpler and is pretty obvious but we just may not realise it.

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine native to India. So when my back hurt after the stairs episode, I visited an ayurvedic doctor in India and she gave me some medicines that had to be warmed and applied to the back for a while and then washed out. I did that for a couple of weeks and I never had that particular pain for a long time.

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I agree, two most important reasons for back pains are lots of work, specially when you carry heavy stuffs, and staying too much in front on the computer. Nowadays, most youngsters have back pain because they sit too much in front of the computer and despite this they will not stop. When we were kids, in order to tackle the pain, my dad used to ask us to walk on his back to and fro, and it did lessen the pain. So a good massage would ease the pain and I suggest if possible not to do hard work everyday and those who like to stay too much in front of the computer, you need to take a break.

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Actually it is very simple to avoid back pains. If you are going to sit down for long hours then it is better to sit in a proper posture so that your back has more support. Also better not carry heavy stuffs on your back if you are not used to it. You might get a slip disc and that is even worse that a back pain since you might need surgery to solve your problem. I heard sleeping posture is important too, choosing the right bed as well.

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1. To maintain good posture, keep your shoulders back when sitting, avoid slouching and don't sit for more than 30 minutes without moving around.

2. It is important to support your back when sitting or sleeping. Sit with your knees slightly bent and higher than your hips.

3. If you're inactive, get moving. Walking is a great way to maintain good back health.

4. If you do experience back pain, stop your activity, rest and consult your doctor. Ignoring back pain can lead to complications.


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Nowadays, many youngsters suffer from backpain. This is due to one main reason; because they spent too much time infront of their computer. The internet has become an addiction among teenages, especially social network sites. This is one main reason that causes backpain to people and not only that, it causes also headaches and eye problems. So, it is fundamental to avoid spending too much time infront of the computer to avoid severe backpain.

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