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Phase 4 Global can show you how to take the vacations of your dreams,

while starting your own Travel Business for a nominal One-Time Product Purchase.


No Monthly Fees!


Research has shown the Travel Industry is an 8 trillion dollar industry and

is projected to double by the year 2025. By having your very own Home-Based

Travel Business, you will be able to cash in on this lucrative industry and ride

the wave to your financial freedom!


You will have the ability to LEVERAGE $100 into $27,100 over and over again

while using your Travel Product Purchases to save you money on all your

Travel Needs!


You will have the ability to EARN commissions 5 Different Ways!


Here is a good video explaining how it works:


Please do not join Phase4Global from the above video link.



Four Levels of Entry:

$100 – Phase 1 Product Package

$300 – Phase 2 Product Package

$1,200 – Phase 3 Product Package

$3,600 – Phase 4 Product Package


Qualification Requirements


Qualification to EARN Commissions - 2 new product sales

EVERY 6 months from date of enrollment. However please

read below:


"Phase 4 Global, in an effort to get your business up and running,

has waived the qualifications requirements for your 1st cycle ONLY

through ALL Phases!"


Website is FREE however Phase4Global has teamed up with 12Second Commute

for a full and robust marketing system with Lead Capture Pages, Auto Respnders,

Pre Written Follow Up Emails and much more, which is also an additional revenue

stream for you.


Please fully review the website link below for all product and comp plan information.


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