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About IntelFX.


The company is committed as well as profesional in providing good services as well as having cordial relationship between clients and the company. The trend of most potential clients at present is that, these people are continuously and patiently searching for inevitably potentially good or better places or points of location to trade Forex and making profitable incomes. The company, the so called Intel FX, is fully committed in fulfiling promises as well as to provide worthwhile opportunities for all potential beginners to start making the worthwhile ''hard - earned" money, even though you are still very new with the Forex market. Making full use of our trading platform, we can create literrally 2 type of accounts that may suite your taste of their new trader and professional trader requirements. Having as low as $10 as a possible deposit, a new trader can start and make a new experience trade in Forex with a fixed and a very low spread. For the professional trader, they can create unbelievable account that spread start as low as 2 pips.


Now, please feel free to view their Forex company profile. FNZ Capital Limited, (formally known as FNZ Bancorp Limited) has been registered as an established company in Auckland New Zealand; the company registration no: 2270095 has been registered in New Zealand under the Ministry of Economy Development since 06 July 2009. The company has changed its name from FNZ Bancorp Limited to FNZ Capital Limited in the year 2010, since the new regulation from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand required all company not to use the word "Bancorp " and to replace it with other name.


Activities of an FNZ Capital Limited can include, but also are not limited only to:

• Deposit taking & lending

• Debit and credit card services

• Issuing of financial guarantees and instruments

• Cash management services

• Current accounts

• Cheque (Checking) accounts

• Savings accounts

• Term deposits

• Wire transfer services

• Payment processing services

• Fund management

• Marketing of investments


In the near future or as soon as possible, all Intel FX trader will receive a debit card (MasterCard or Visa) from FNZ Capital Limited. With this service, all traders can easily access to make deposit and withdrawal from Forex trading account through the ATM machine around the world where MasterCard and Visa are accepted.


The company is in the forfront, always progressing, developing and growing up very fast and at a steadily rate for the future; the company is well ahead in its futurative plan to establish and to relocate its new branches in the Middle East including Dubai as well as those in the European markets; convincingly , their company is trying its very best in whatever possible ways to become hopefully one of the most developed and trusted Forex trading company in the world. It is always their professional commitment and trust that their trading company is looking forward to serve you in the best ways together with the best services possible.


Customer Support:

• Easy depositing, fast withdrawals via multiple methods

• Trading help & support 24/7 with online customer service

• Exclusive Daily trading news and reports

• Minimum Deposit: $100 ( for Wire Transfers and MoneyGram only)

• Minimum Depost: $10


Deposit methods:


• Wire Transfer

• Money Gram

• Visa Credit or Debit cards

• Alertpay

• Liberty Reserve

• Perfect Money

• Cimb Bank (For Malaysian Customers)

• MayBank ( For Malaysian Customers)

• BCA ( For Indonesian Customers)




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Latest news :

IntelFX gives you 2 types of commission:

1) $100.00 US Dollars commission* as appreciate you bring your client to IntelFX that make deposit minimum $1,000.00 US Dollars

2) $10.00 US Dollars/closed 1 standard lot commission as appreciate your client stay trade with IntelFX



IntelFX and OKPay FREE Gift $5 USD

IntelFX is glad to inform the clients about its decision to enlarge the set of payment systems by introducing the world most secure online payment system (OKPay) – OKPay is another e-payment system which facilitate easy depositing/withdrawing of funds.


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Intelfx site looks interesting and give good upto 50% bonus on every deposit

This give good options for traders to chose an account of their choice newbie may open a intelfxcent account that require only 1$ minimum deposit and upto 1:500 leverage

While intelfx micro has only 10$ minimum deposit and earn 3.5% interest as well.

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Though this site was a good and paying but bad news is they just closed their site. If the broker removed their database then it seemed like scammer, but we expect that they should need to change their location and perform their business. I wish to say you all that if in future this site will come back again then please leave a short reply here.

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