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Found 2 results

  1. I am doing Affiliate marketing from 4 years. In these days, it is very tough to earn due to daily changes in Google Ranking Algorithms. I earned a lot from affiliate marketing but now i got frustrated. And i want to do something different and big. After searching on internet, I joined a website Zarfund. I checked many reviews of this on internet. It seems legit and i Joined last month. I earned 1.38 Bitcoins within 20 days. Please remember it is not a shitty pyramid scheme which turn out to be a scam after few days. In this system, you don't need to pay your money to the company. Your money will be always yours. It will be in your bitcoin wallet. Steps : 1. First create an account on Zarfund from zarfund.com/ref/367f1d9181 here. It is my referral link. Join under my referral if you want to support me because i need money to open a shelter for stray animals in which i can give proper treatment to them for free. If you don't want to join under me then click at this link zarfund.com 2. After sign up you need to buy 0.03 Bitcoin from any website who is selling bitcoin. 3. Create a bitcoin wallet from blockchain.info. 4. Attach a bitcoin wallet into Zarfund and start working. Here is the video of Zarfund tutorial youtube.com/watch?v=pKV7PrQEUXQ Zarfund started just four months before the time of writing, within this short period, the program has grossed more than 200,000 participants. In average, 50,000 people joining Zarfund every month. This number is estimated to grow exponentially in the coming months and many people are already making thousands of dollars in bitcoins. I will take time to explain the Zarfund peer to peer donation platform and the opportunity it presently holds for anyone interested in making money online. Zarfund is an online networking program that is structured as a 2 by 6 matrix. That means a participant is required to introduce 2 people while payments could be received up to six levels deep. The program uses bitcoin as the currency of exchange, with an automated payment conformation system through blockchain.info. Therefore participants are advised to use a wallet from blockchain.info to aid seamless donation confirmations. Zarfund matrix is a perfect multi-tier compensation program. When followed properly, members will only need to donate 0.03btc once. All the of the recurrent payments will be derived from earnings within the program. The key to make this work is to bring in 2 people within 30 days and the key to growth is to encourage your two downlines to bring in just two people within the next 30 days. However, the overall power of the program is that there can be spillover from the top. That is where the power of an active team comes in. If you belong to an active team, everybody work together to grow the network and cover up for docile downlines. Zarfund is a 2 by 6 forced matrix with maximum of 6 stages. You are required to donate 0.03btc to your direct upline and in return, you receive donations of 0.03btc each from two referrals . Upgrade to level 2 within 30 days by donating 0.05btc to your level 2 upline. Your profit at level Zarfund 1 = 0.01btc At level 2, receive donations of 0.05btc each from your four level 2 downlines which makes a total of 0.2btc. After receiving all the donations, upgrade by donating 0.1btc to your level 3 upline and move to stage 3. Your profit at level Zarfund 2 = 0.1btc Your profit at level Zarfund 3 = 0.6btc At Level 4, you will receive donations of 0.2btc from 16 level 4 downline referrals which makes a total of 3.2btc. After this, upgrade with 1btc to move to stage 5. Your profit at Zarfund level 4 = 2.2btc At stage 5, this is where the real big bucks start coming in. You receive donations of 1btc from 32 level 5 downlines (totaling 32btc). After this, upgrade to stage 6 by donating 2btc to your level 6 upline. Your profit at Zarfund level 5 = 30btc This is the final stage that can make you financially independent forever. Receive donations of 2btc from 64 referrals (totaling 128btc). No more donations. Your profit at Zarfund level 6 = 128 btc Since 1btc = $724 (as of now. Simply do the calculations and see the potential of Zarfund. All u need to start out is just a one-time donation of 0.03 BTC and you will be on the way to grow grow $22 to $98,000.
  2. Hy friends, As we all are trying to achieve some money, some better than others, and many scammers take advantage of that announcing promising stuff just to catch our money, i started to think how could i help others to be as profitable as i am. With this in mind, i started to write one tutorial teaching how can people start to improving their chances to win on hyips (high yeld investment program). Why hyips? Easy!!! Because when people know what they are doing, hyips are one of the most profitable way of getting gains/income at the web. I started to look up if there were many tutorials of this kind, and i got surprised, because ALL the ebooks and tutorials i have find, just teach you the basic stuff. Just tell you what you already know for yourself because it is common sense. I choose to be diferent, and spread the REAL TECHNIQUES and URL's from sites that help you to use hyips safely. Why? This will not bring any gain to me, may you think.... Yes, that is true... But in a indirectly way it will. If you learn all the things this tutorial teach you, you will learn HOW TO AVOID SCAMMERS, and this will cause that scammers start to disapear, because their investments in fake sites will not turn profitable :twisted: That will make that nice / real hyips start to get more profitables and pay bigger rates, whish will cause me to invest safelly due to the lower number of scams and also to get bigger profits from those bigger rates of the real hyips 8-) It will teach you a lot of stuff, like "how to increase your gains by getting honest RefBack", "Governamental sites where to check the truth from the claims of the enterprises that owns sites" (not just hyips), "Where/how to find new launched hyips even before hyipmonitores, in order to get referrals easyer", several tips, and more... I also will be reachable to help you in case of any doubt regarding any ebook subject or hyip. DO NOT HESITATE!!! Click in Analysis and Techniques to Win money in hyips, and take a look. (Also can click at the green banner at my signature) Enjoy it. Let's put away all the scammers and start to get REAL MONEY/PROFIT!!!
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