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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, my name is George. Let me welcome you on our side in this great investment adventure. We are a team of three people from France, Portugal and Germany working in sports arbitrage field since early 2013. In 2014 we decided to make this our principal source of income. Now we open our business to small and medium investors and by doing this to increase our betting capital. Feel free to read ALL the information you find here and contact us by e-mail or Skype. It is important to fully understand our offer before you decide to invest with us. We combine sports arbitrage with investment. Investors can purchase units. 1 unit is 50 euros. We pay 10% of your invested sum every month. The investment period is 36 months (3 years). After 3 years you get your initial invested money back. We invest your money and make approx 15-18% profit per month (see our results page). We deduct the fees for moving money out of the e-currency processor and into the bookie accounts and back into the payment processor, we deduct our share of the profit and we give you a clean 10% of your investment per month. As long as you make money, we make money. We accept PerfectMoney, Payza and STP. As we will move along we will study the possibility of adding other processors. When you make a purchase, you log into your account and you create an order for the number of units you want to buy. In your order you have to put you PM, Payza or STP account. Then you transfer the money into our PM account : E7727415 or our Payza account : sainvst@gmail.com or STP account: Sainvest. After that you come back to your account and you put in your order request the batch number of the transaction. I check the transfer, I give you the number of units purchased and I close the order. First payment is 45 days after you make a deposit with us. The following payments will be every 30 days. The extra 15 days for the first payment is to allow us to take your money from the e-currency account and put it into bookies accounts. When you want to withdraw you place a withdraw order with your PM/Payza/STP account, I make the transfer to your account, I put the batch number of the transaction in the withdraw order you created and close the order. We are based in Europe, so we work in euros. You can withdraw by the same processor you made the deposit. We are not an exchange site. If you want your money back we will give it to you minus the profit already payed and a fee of 20%. Example: you bought 10 units = 500 euros. You stayed with us for 6 months. We payed you 300 euros. If you want your money back we will return you 100 euros. (300 you already earned and 100 is a 20% fee). If you stayed with us more than 8 months you will not be entitled to a refund. We want to have investors with us for the long run... we don't like hit and runners. We keep our records off-line so we are not vulnerable to hackers. If our site is taken down we will still pay and we will still communicate with you through e-mail, Skype and Facebook. We offer bonuses for serious investors: For every 100 units you buy, you get 1 free For every 500 units you buy you get 10 for free If you want to buy more than 1000 units contact us and we'll make an arrangement for you We have a referral system. If someone that you recommend makes an investment, you get 1 euro for each unit he buys. In order to do that, you have to send me an e-mail at sainvst@gmail.com with the e-mail address of the user you reffered and it will be assigned under you. For every purchase he makes you will get your part. From time to time we will give little bonuses to make things more interesting
  2. Phase 4 Global can show you how to take the vacations of your dreams, while starting your own Travel Business for a nominal One-Time Product Purchase. No Monthly Fees! Research has shown the Travel Industry is an 8 trillion dollar industry and is projected to double by the year 2025. By having your very own Home-Based Travel Business, you will be able to cash in on this lucrative industry and ride the wave to your financial freedom! You will have the ability to LEVERAGE $100 into $27,100 over and over again while using your Travel Product Purchases to save you money on all your Travel Needs! You will have the ability to EARN commissions 5 Different Ways! Here is a good video explaining how it works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xky4_1p8I3g Please do not join Phase4Global from the above video link. Four Levels of Entry: $100 – Phase 1 Product Package $300 – Phase 2 Product Package $1,200 – Phase 3 Product Package $3,600 – Phase 4 Product Package Qualification Requirements Qualification to EARN Commissions - 2 new product sales EVERY 6 months from date of enrollment. However please read below: "Phase 4 Global, in an effort to get your business up and running, has waived the qualifications requirements for your 1st cycle ONLY through ALL Phases!" Website is FREE however Phase4Global has teamed up with 12Second Commute for a full and robust marketing system with Lead Capture Pages, Auto Respnders, Pre Written Follow Up Emails and much more, which is also an additional revenue stream for you. Please fully review the website link below for all product and comp plan information. http://Get2theTop.com
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